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For the past 40 years Mel and Fanny have fished the world, teaching the Essence of Fly Fishing and Fly Casting.

Whether you are a total beginner or advanced fly fisher you can enhance your knowledge of fly casting and fly fishing with their DVDs and books.

Fanny continues to travel to exciting locales to fish and connect with friends old and new.


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"Tomorrow's Fly Fishers"
Winner of the 2011 Kudo Award
from Fly Rod & Reel magazine

"Tomorrow's Fly Fishers": an introduction to fly fishing
for young people and beginners of all ages.

Review from Philip Greenlee
FFF President/ Chairman of the Board

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Tomorrow's Fly Fishers (DVD):
An Introduction to Flyfishing for Young People

Over the years we have been exposed to various fly fishing video's. Once in awhile an exceptional DVD comes to the market. What I like especially about Fanny's new kid's video is that it is simple but captures the essence of how to teach our children about fly fishing. The DVD "Tomorrow's Fly Fishers" is a must for any youngster that want to learn to fly fish

The art of learning how to fly fish is much more fun than one would imagine. Made easy by the new DVD, learning fly fishing techniques is a handy tool especially if and when you get more exposure to the great outdoors. For youngsters it is a great exposure to fishing techniques that will make going on the waters fun and exciting. Imagine learning to catch different kinds of fish and being able to put what you have learnt into practice. There is great joy in teaching and even greater joy in seeing someone put into practice what they have learnt.

The tutorials are simple and easy to follow. Learning to fly fish does not have to be boring; it can have an exciting feel to it. Youngsters do not need to be mere onlookers. Learn how to take control when you are one with Mother Nature. This new video will keep the young ones interested in learning and overly eager to put into practice what they have learnt so that they can develop the art.

Get going with a copy of the instructional video will show young people the art of fly fishing, arming young people with the knowhow on to become one the futures best fly fisher. Adults are more than welcomed to watch; they might learn a thing or two.

Philip Greenlee
FFF President / Chairman of the Board